A Joint Statement from the Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton and Jewish Family Service


May 6, 2020


Dear Friends,


The Jewish Federation of Greater Binghamton and Jewish Family Service want you to know we continue to extend our hand to everyone in the Binghamton Jewish community.  Nobody knows how long we will need to isolate from one another or when we will return to any routine that is familiar.


If you or someone you know is struggling financially or emotionally during this unprecedented time, please reach out.  We have resources and want to assist you.  You are the reason for the work we do. Our mission is for everyone to come out of this crisis healthy, connected and whole.


Our local Jewish organizations are offering opportunities for learning and praying together.  Although our community calendar has changed, you can find out more about virtual offerings by going to our Community Guide and contacting organizations directly, or look in upcoming issues of The Reporter.


Every day, we practice the Jewish value that says “kol Israel aravim zeh ba zeh”: All Jews are responsible for one another.  This is true now, as it has always been and always will be.


Wishing you good health, safety and lots of love.


Shelley Hubal, Jewish Federation Executive Director

Suzanne Holwitt, Jewish Federation President

Rose Shea, Jewish Family Service Director

Rita Bleier, Chair- Jewish Family Service Committee

Office phone:  607-724-2332


Many of our community events have gone virtual.  Please contact local synagogues and organizations to get up to date information.   You can find contact information here.





NYS Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control

Broome County Health Department

PJ Library Resources for Quarantined Families

Partners in Torah

Jewish Federation North America resources for families and non-profits

The Reporter Resources

Information on NYS Rental Assitance Program