The Jews and The Blues

Thursday, October 26 at 7:30 pm in person at the Jewish Community Center in conjunction with the College of Jewish Studies. Discussion moderated by Shay Rabinau, Ph.D.

No registration necessary for this event.

Documentary / USA / 2022 / 67 min. / Directed by Drew Stone and Evan B. Stone / In English

The Jews and the Blues is a musical journey that along the way becomes something much more. Drew Stone,  is a documentary filmmaker, musician and talk show host born and raised in New York City. Join him as he follows his passion for music and adventure as he travels to Israel and discovers how the blues ties into this incredible mix of cultures. Arab, Ethiopian, Moroccan, all Jewish, all Israeli, united through the universal tie that binds us together.... Music. Experience the sights, sounds and the unexpected on this expedition into uncharted territory. The Jews and The Blues : A musical AND spiritual Journey.

Farewell, Mr. Haffman

Virtual discussion on Sunday December 3 at 6 pm, moderated by Dora Polachek, Ph.D.

Narrative / France / 2022 / 115 min. / Directed by Fred Cavaye / In French

Occupied Paris, 1941: all members of the Jewish community are instructed to come forward and identify themselves to authorities. Dedicated jeweller Joseph Haffmann (Daniel Auteuil), fearing the worst, arranges for his family to flee the city and offers his employee François Mercier (Gilles Lellouche) the chance to take over his store until the conflict subsides. But his own attempts to escape are thwarted, and Haffmann is forced to seek his assistant’s protection.

It’s a risky proposition for both men, and one that Mercier’s wife Blanche (Sara Giraudeau) accepts with skepticism. As the couple move in to the Haffmann home, the agreement turns into a Faustian bargain, one that will forever change the fate of all...

The Narrow Bridge

Virtual discussion on Sunday, January 7 at 6 pm, moderated by Terence M. Keane, Ph.D.

Documentary / Australia / 2022 / 76 min. / Directed by Esther Takac / In English, Arabic, Hebrew

The Narrow Bridge explores the journeys of four people who, after searing pain, develop strengths they never had before. Despite fierce opposition these Israelis and Palestinians, who lost a child in the conflict, are building a grassroots movement and transforming their grief into a bridge for understanding and reconciliation.

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Our Almost Completely True Story


Virtual discussion on Sunday, February 4 at 6 pm, moderated by Richard Mattson, Ph.D.

Narrative / USA / 2022 / 92 min. / Directed by Don Scardino / In English

Life in Hollywood has lost its luster for timeless actress, Mariette Hartley. Although her reputation precedes her from the peak of her acting career decades prior, meaningful work these days—and a decent date—are hard to find. When Mariette meets Jerry Sroka, a forever-comic who's also been wading through L.A.’s insufferable dating scene, Jerry immediately falls for her stunning elegance and exceptionally dry humor. Seemingly aloof to Jerry’s advances, Mariette reluctantly caves to Jerry’s goofy impressions and genuine kindness, and the two forge a budding relationship. They compare notes on past marriages, pointless auditions, and their favorite classic movies. But as things get more serious and unexpected challenges arise, Mariette wonders if it may be too late for love.

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March '68


Virtual discussion on Sunday, March 17 at 6 pm, moderated by Ben Kasper.

Narrative / Poland / 2022 / 115 min. / Directed by Krzysztof Lang / In Polish

Two young students - Hania (Vanessa Aleksander) and Janek (Ignacy Liss) - meet and fall in love in the midst of social turmoil and Jewish discrimination in 1960’s Warsaw. While the young lovers are uninterested in politics, they find themselves unable to avoid it when Hania's father and mother lose their jobs due to the antisemitic purge and are forced to emigrate. Hania does not want to leave Janek, and the couple soon participate in a protest rally at the university where they discover freedom comes at a high price.

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