From the Desk of the Federation Executive Director: With gratitude 4/9/21

I have been walking circles around the inside of my house for months now. If you were to peek in the window, you would see what looks like a crazy person, walking around and around the living room furniture. This ritual started in December. COVID made going to the gym impossible and it was, until recently, too cold and slippery to go outside for a walk. In desperation, I settled for this tedious form of exercise. Some movement is better than no movement, right? 

Listening to podcasts is the only thing that has made these “walks” bearable. Last week, I listened to author and self-described optimist Simon Sinek interview Quilen Blackwell, the founder of Chicago’s non-profit Eco House. During the course of the conversation, the pair discussed their definition of faith. To paraphrase, they describe faith as being on a team and not knowing who your teammates are. I love this definition. To me, it means you are never alone and God will provide. Have you ever had a stranger show you an act of kindness on a day when you needed an affirmation of good in the world? Perhaps an opportunity that took your life in a better direction came along at the right time? These are examples of the invisible teammate. 

For the Binghamton Jewish community, Federation is like an invisible teammate. It keeps our organizations funded and our Jewish neighbors supported. Without Federation, we would not have the Jewish Community Center, The Reporter, Jewish Family Service, a Hebrew day school or local programming such as the Film Fest. However, Federation does not work alone. Our donors and volunteers deserve all the credit. When you give to the Federation, you are creating a better community for all. When you give your time to a Jewish organization, you are enhancing the quality of life for everyone. 

I am blessed to see examples of your kindness every day. You, our donors and volunteers, make the Binghamton Jewish community whole. For this and so much more I am most grateful. I have faith in all of you and God that the Binghamton Jewish community will remain strong for years to come.